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SAGA1- V6专为车辆等移动设备所设计之无线电遥控器哦,如卡车,拖车,吊车之车用绞盘,液压设备等控制系统

  SAGA1-V6: 6个功能按键+ 2个启动按键+ 1个“STOP”停止键
  F21-2D 接收机
SAGA1- V6 接收机

  1. * SMART Radio Communication
     It helps operator monitor the radio signal status with this new RF technology.
    * Auto Channel Selection (ACS)
     This feature creates a near non-interference from other systems
    * Receiver pushbutton panel (Optional)
     A pushbutton panel available on receiver for emergency i.e. transmitter lost/damaged
    * Remote Pairing
     It’s easy and simple to register a replacement transmitter without any tool required.
    * PC Software Programmable
     It allows you to program the function of button, frequencies etc. through software
    * NC/NO Relay
     All relays are NC/NO type to meet all application requirements
    * Water/Dirt Resistant
     Robust casing for all weather condition
    * Password power-on mode
     It provides several power-on modes such password for authorized operator
    * Pre-assembled receiver cable
     Easy and quick installation

    Frequency Band

    868 MHz/ 915 MHz (Frequency might be varied on different region)

    Numbers of available relay

    8 Function Relays + Stop

    Relay Rating

    NC/NO Max. 20A

    Transmitter Power

    2 AA Size Battery (Alkaline / Rechargeable Ni-MH)

    Receiver Power Supply>

    10~42 VDC

    Operating Temperature

    -40 ~ +85

    Reaction Time

    < 0.1 Sec



    LED Power Indicator

    3 Stages Power Indicator

    TX Dimension/Weight

    112mm(L)*62mm(W)*39mm(H) /135g (w/o Batteries)

    RX Dimension/Weight

    130mm(L)*146mm(W)*64mm(H)/490g/525g(with panel)

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